Jio Fiber Router Red Light Blinking problem means optical signal from fiber cable is not reaching the router properly.

There can be 3 reasons of why this is happening

  • Fiber is bent somewhere at 90degree.
  • Green fiber plug at backside of Jio router is not plugged properly.
  • Fiber wire is cut somewhere in house or outside street.

To resolve this try below steps

  • Restart the router to see if there is some small glitch.
  • Remove and replug the fiber wire from bottom of router and restart router again.
  • Check if fiber wire within your house is not bent anywhere in house.
  • Check for fiber cut in street, walk towards the junction box gradually.
  • If cable is cut register complain via Myjio app or call Jio customer care 18008969999.

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Always place your Jio wifi Router at central place of house and if possible at 6-8ft height for better signal penetration. Also placing router at a height helps in keeping it out of reach of children as the yellow connecting wire is very delicate without any shield which can break on little bend and any fiber wire should not be bent at 90deg angle for even once.