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An ELCB is electric breaker device switch which saves you electric shock from any device. It detects the unusual path of earth leakage and immediately switches off the circuit to prevent human electric shock or even loss of life. ELCB was developed to detect human shock however it had too many disdvantages so RCCB was developed as an advance model of ELCB.

For household usage RCCB is nearly perfect as it basically monitors the current values of phase and neutral flowing through it and breaks the circuit if it’s unusual. ELCB is also RCD Residual Current Device so don’t worry if the RCCB you brought from market has RCD or elcb written on it.

ELCB/RCCB also helps in detecting the fault in wiring or appliances of the house. Its a must for a house with children atleast. Electricity board in country don’t give new connection without the installation of ELCB/RCCB/RCD in the house.

30mA , 60mA and 100mA written on RCCB / RCD /ELCB is sensitivity. Better ask your house electrician before buying sensitivity factor as 30mA is recommended for home use. However it can cause the rccb to trip if wiring is not done properly or even minor hiccups in house which can become pain for electrician to detect.

Still RCCB or RCCO or ELCB is a must for common household with childern or elderly as it can save lives or shock on any minor short circuit.

BEST Quality ELCB India 2024
Siemens 40A 100mA 2-Pole RCCB/ELCB (5SV44140RC)
  • Siemens Betagard 5SV RCCB/ELCB
  • 2 Pole AC Characteristics
  • Residual Current - 100mA, Rated Current - 40A
  • Voltage 240-415V, 50-60Hz
  • Protection Against Short Circuit
Schneider Electric 40A DP 30mA ACTI9 RCCB (A9N16204)
  • Product Name: Acti 9 xID
  • Product or Component Type: Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
  • Device Short Name: XID
  • Poles Description: 2P
  • Neutral Position: Left
Havells DHRGCTDF030032 RCCB 'AC' Type DP PVC Plastic Base Model (White)
  • Material: PVC Plastic, Color: White
  • Item Dimension: 450mm x 415mm x 270mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Base Model
  • No warranty
  • Type A: Provides protection against pulsating DC
Larsen & Toubro 30 mA 40 A 4 Pole RCCB/ELCB (White)
  • Supply connections can be terminated either from top or from bottom.
  • Ensure proper earthing as per regulations for additional safety.
  • Higher Life because of heavy duty contacts. True contact information for enhanced safety
  • Energy Saving - Low watt loss - 50% as compared to standards
  • Trip-free mechanism–mcb trips even if held in on position

Best ELCB brands in India are L&T, Schneider, Anchor Havells, Legrand, GM etc.