Best wifi range extenders repeaters for India

Wifi Range extenders or Wifi Signal boosters can be used with your default broadband routers given by jio or Airtel fiber connection. Place at last where you get ok signal but is near to place where you get signal problems.

You can use same name as old wifi network name or give it a totally new name. Most wifi range extenders mostly add ext to olf wifi network name.

One get 10 to 50% drop in speed if used via range extenders but won’t get any coverage problems. Like with Bsnl 50 to 60mbps plan one can easily get 30-40mbps speed which is enough for even a 4k video stream. One can also use old wifi router as range extender if the function is present in router. Most netgear, Tp-link, Asus router have these functions by default.

Like wifi routers wifi extenders also work on N , AC or latest AX std with backward compatibility. Like AX works with both AC & N likewise AC works with N too.

N300 wifi range extenders

  • Mercusys MW300RE N300 range extender more info
  • Tp-Link TL-WA855RE N300 range extender more info
  • Tenda A301 N300 wifi range extender more info
  • TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 wifi range extender with ethernet port more info

Ac Range Extenders which are mostly backward compatible with N300 too. So AC750 is actually N300+AC450, similarly AC1200 is N300+AC867.

If your broadband plan speed is more than 50mbps we will recmmend you to use AC range extenders.

If you have house bigger than 2000sq ft and can’t place router in mid/central location of house then try mesh routers.

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