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100mbps is standard fiber speed for normal day to day usage. Its is a bare minimum for ftth connection as most other technologies can’t offer 100up and down speed most of the time.

Let’s compare 100mbps plans offer by big 3 fiber providers of India:

Airtel Fiber: Is the oldest pvt player in field of broadband. Offer adsl/vdsl and now fiber to all it’s customers. It’s 100mbps speed fiber plan is offered @ Rs.799 per month with unlimited free landline calls. Expect 120mbps speed most of the time as Airtel is known to offer 15-20% more speeds than the advertised plan. Airtel is know for underground cabling which makes it the most Reliable provider of all three. plus it’s customer service is more responsive of all three in event of downtime.

Bsnl Fiber: Oldest player in market. It offers ftth with local cable provider on franchise agreement mostly. Bsnl has most widest coverage of ftth service in far flung rural areas of India. Downside is Bsnl franchise Lco charges exorbitantly for installation charges. Plus you are at mercy of LCO in event of downtime. Though billing and payment all is handled by Bsnl. It offers same 100mbps plan @ Rs.799 per month with free unlimited landline calls. Worst customer service out of all three in the event of downtime & worst backend routing.

Jio Fiber : Newest of all three. It is known for its affordability and unique prepaid mode of plans even on Fiber technology. Jio fiber has cheapest 100mbps plan @ 699 per month with unlimited free calls. Jio fiber is the fastest growing ftth provider of India. Its customer service is hit and miss depending mostly on how good your local technician is … as jio complaint resolution system is not that refined.

  • Most Reliable: Airtel Fiber
  • Cheapest: Jio Fiber
  • Best customer service: Airtel Fiber
  • Prepaid plans: Jio Fiber
  • Availability: Bsnl Fiber
  • Best Routing: Airtel Fiber
  • Best Wifi/router: Airtel Fiber
  • Ipv4 availability : Airtel/Bsnl Fiber
  • ipv6 availability : Jio Fiber