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Landline phone compatible with Jio fiber broadband voice service needs to have RJ11 port. Mostly all the standard of caller id are compatible with Jio fiber voice connection. One can use a wired landline instrument or a cordless telephone unit too. Jio fiber is compatible with any old analogue telephone instrument of Bsnl/Mtnl era.

Here is list of Best Landline phone compatible with Jio fiber connection:

Advantage of using Jio fiber voice calling is crystal clear HD quality voice. Unlimited calls to anywhere in India without any additional charge as voice calls are included in broadband charge.

Mobile recharge are becoming costlier so keeping a spare landline at home as backup for emergency is best. One can keep landline phone for personal use only. Never give landline phone to bank or organization. When all family members mobile is not-reachable or out of network or not picking the mobile then this landline phone comes handy.

  • Beetel B11 corded phone (without caller id)
  • Binatone 221 spirit corded phone with caller id
  • Beetel M59 corded phone with caller id
  • Panasonic  KX-TSC62SXB Corded Telephone with cid
  • Beetel B26 hanging landline phone (without caller id )
  • Binatone Trend 1 hanging corded phone (without caller id)

For child school, airline travel, passport emergency contact of landline no comes very handy.

If you want to use cordless phone with your jio fibernet broadband service then two different type of cordless landline phones are available in the market:

  • Firstly we have widely available 2.4ghz band cordless phones where 2.4ghz band is used which is same as 2.4ghz band of a typical wifi router so disturbance can happen. However selecting the right channel on phone or wifi router is the key. One should use dual band router to avoid this problem.
  • Second is less available Dect Cordless telephones. DECT uses 1.9ghz frequency where wifi or any other interference is zero. So DECT cordless is kindoff best option if you can get one. Mostly you’ll find these in imported electronics shop of big cities market like gaffar or lamington road.