How to Increase Jio Wifi Router Range speed?

Jio Fiber Wifi router easily covers 1000sqft (100-125sq-gaj/sq-yds) of area on same floor. But it depends on lot of other factor like placement of router, type of wall/door in between, neighboring wifi networks interference etc.

Always try to place your Jio router in central place of the house. Also if possible place router at 6-8ft height. Don’t place router near a thick brick wall. Router near door is better for next room coverage rather than a wall. Jio offers it’s own mesh router which work on open source easy mesh technology.

If you have house larger than 1000Sqft or 100sq yd or gaj then better get a range extender which will help you extend wifi range with better overall speeds.

Here is the list of few range extenders we recommend:
If you have house bigger than 2000sq ft and can’t place router in mid/central location of house then try mesh routers. Mesh routers help in achieving fast raoming between two routers with zero speed loss on extended router.

Jio Mesh Range Extender can be used to extend wifi costs Rs.2499 more info

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