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Yes you can’t opt for new 10mbps plan under Jio 198 backup plan or Airtel 199 Lite plan anymore. Old customers already on this plan can continue as this is a postpaid plan.

Still available for new connection are Jio 399 and Airtel 399 (10mbps) plan with additional set top box and tv viewing subscription.

You need to pay 3000-3100 while opting for new connection under these 399 plan. Jio 399 would give you dual band router+4k set top box while Airtel 399 would give you Airtel dual bnd router + 4k dth smart tv box. Jio pack includes most of OTT subscription while Airtel subscription includes dth fees along with few paid channels and fta channels + airtel xtreme app subscription.

Both Airtel and Jio’s 399 plan included 10mbps unlimited data + unlimited voice calls via a landline no.

If you have elderly in home then go Airtel 399 plan as dth set top box comes handy. If you are young people who can handle a smart tv box easily then go for Jio set top box. Here Jio stb uses same 10mbps of broadband for content viewing while Airtel uses dth for most of channels which keep 10mbps free for other activity.