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If your electric water geyser is turning off after switching on then it means the auto cut off is putting it off due to one of two reasons:

  1. Heating Element not working due to some defect or most of time they wear off due to corrosion or prolonged use as they are merged in water all the time. So time to replace the heating element.
  2. Thermostat not working properly so water temperature is becoming so high that auto cut off has to trigger to turn the geyser off. So time to replace the thermostat.

Remember to buy electric water geyser these must needed protection features next time:

  • Glass or lined polymer inner tank: Glass coated inner tank offers best protection as tank is not exposed to water at all and being corrosion resistant as long as glass coating is intact the inner tank metal is not exposed to water. Similarly polymer protection also resist inner tank from corrosion.
  • Glass coated heating element: Similar to water tank even heating element nowadays are coated with glass material for corrosion resistance with no heating loss.
  • Anode Rod Protection: Modern water geysers have anode rod in inner tank which offers to dissolve itself for high salt or hard water rather than affect the tank. In long run this offers extra life to inner tank while rod can be replaced during service.
  • ELCB Protection: Current leakage can be deadly for people using water heaters as water from heating element is directly linked to pipe and shower. So ELCB in geyser offer extra protection specially must have for homes where home based ELCB protection is not installed.

We hope you are able to solve the electric water geyser auto off problem via this brief info.