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Lets compare the water heater geyser of Crompton and VGuard and decide which one is better?

You can read the difference highlighted in the table below:

FeaturesCrompton Water HeaterVguard Water Geyser
Inner Tank ProtectionNano Poly Bond Technology tank with Magnesium Anode rodAdvanced Vitreous Enamel Coating with Magnesium Anode rod
Heating ElementCopper elementIncoloy 800 element
Outer TankCorrosion-resistant powder coated metallicCorrosion-resistant powder coat mild steel
Warranty2 yr comprehensive
2 yr heating element
5 yr tank warranty
2 yr comprehensive
3 yr heating element
5 yr tank warranty
Temperature AdjustmentTemperature Control Knob from 25-75°CTemperature Control Knob from 25-75°C
Pressure8 Bar8 Bar
Here Vguard geysers heating element is extra corrosion resistive along with extra warranty on heating element. Few good deals on Vguard water heater below……

Crompton is Mumbai based decade old electrical goods supplier who started from water pumps and currently venture into all small electrical equipment with vast pan India service network.

Vguard is a Kochi KL based company which is more than 4 decades old. As the name suggests started as voltage stabilizer based co and later ventured into other products using it old reliable service network.