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5 star Geysers are generally the power saving storage water heater available in India. The star ratings of water heater geyser is dependent on standing loss of water geyser. Which means the amount of heat lost by storage water heater. So the star rating is more dependent on how long it can store the water hot in the inner tank of storage water. So insulation plays a bigger role in deciding the star ratings. So if you are a person who don’t let the hot water store inside for long or mostly use it immediately then this star rating will play a marginal role in your water power savings.

You should use higher energy star rated water geyser for bigger tank capacity storage geyser. Like for 25liters a 5 star rated is a must. For 10-15liters you can decide between 4-5star depending on price. For 6-10liters 3-4star is enough. It all depends on how long you keep hot water and how hot you set the water geyser temperature to.

Do remember you can yourself insulate water heater too as properly insulating the tank of your electric water heater can help reduce heat loss. You can insulate the tank with a water heater blanket or jacket, and insulate hot water pipes to prevent heat loss while water travels from the tank to the faucets.