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We are listing all the basic differences in Water heater geyser of Vguard & Havells.

You can read the difference highlighted in bold. This difference is for features offered in storage models. For instant geyser model you need to check the specific model for each list.

ComparisonVguard Water GeysersHavells Water Heater (Geyser)
Inner Tank ProtectionAdvanced Vitreous Enamel Coating with Sacrificial Magnesium AnodeGlass coated weld superior steel tank with anode rod
Heating ElementIncoloy 800 elementIncoloy 800 element with glass coating
Warranty 2 yr comprehensive
3 yr heating element
5 yr tank warranty
2 yr comprehensive
4 yr heating element
7 yr tank warranty
Outer TankCorrosion-resistant powder coat mild steelWeldfree joint in outer metal body
Free Installation & Water pipeNoYes
We recommend Havells Water Heater Geyser for their extra glass coated heating element and tank with extra warranty for peace of mind. And Free installation with water pipe is nobrainer.

Both Havells and Vguard are old renowned brand with pan India service and support network.