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We recommend Dual AC wifi range extender or signal booster only for Jio Fiber.


Jio Fiber offers Dual band Router which is good enough for house upto 1500sqft or 150 gaj only that too only if placed in center of the house. If placed on corner or edge of the house you won’t be able to get coverage till opposite corner or edge end of the house. For multi-floor house coverage would be decent only at place just above or below the room where Jio router is placed, the adjacent room in different floors have very bleak coverage.

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So Wifi Range Extender is the best solution to increase the coverage of Jio Wifi Router. Wifi Router are of two type single band or dual band wifi router. We recommend to use atleast dual band wifi repeater so that both the band are boosted or if sometimes coverage of 2.4ghz is weak due neighboring wifi congestion then 5ghz could carry the signal forward.

If you need vfm product then opt for Mercusys wifi repeater to Jio router wifi signals. Mercusys is a value brand from Tp-Link. Warranty and support is provided by Tp-link itself so no problem whatsoever.

  • Mercusys ME300RE above is N300 single band wifi range extender with rated speed of 300mbps however you won’t be able to achieve more 50mbps real world speed. So this range extender is best for Jio fiber’s 399 entry level plan with speed of 30mbps up and down. This repeater can easily repeat 30mbps speed of this plan.
  • Mercusys ME20 is a dual band Ac750 router with 2.4ghz N-band speed of 300mbps along with 5ghz AC speed of 433mbps. This repeater is good for 699plan of Jio Fiber where one gets 100mbps speed. Also one gets fast ethernet port for wired connectivity of devices. One can easily attain 70-100mbps speed on this wifi booster if 5ghz signal is used as backend.
  • Mercusys ME30 is a higher range dual band range extender with AC1200 specification. One gets 300mbps on 2.4ghz band with this router while 5ghz AC band gives around 867mbps speed. Real time speed of this repeater can be 150-200mbps depending on no of factors. So this Range extender is best suited for 999 plan of Jio fiber though you can use lower or higher plan too.
  • For 1499 plan & 2499 plans of Jio Fiber we recommend using mesh router.
  • For Jio Fiber gigabit plans of 3999 & 8499 we recommend to use wifi-6 & Wifi-6e mesh routers.
  • Though there are AX Range Extender too however Jio Fiber router itself doesn’t support Wifi-6 so how can you expect better speeds on Range Extenders.