Airtel offers wifi mesh solution for Rs.1000+₹100per month rent

Airtel is offering it’s xstream fiber broadband customers solution to increase wifi coverage using proprietary wifi mesh router service called coverage+ by Airtel Xtream. Customers who want to opt for these so called mesh router from Airtel fiber needs to pay ₹1000 security deposit + Rs.100 monthly rental for each of this wifi POD as called by Airtel.

A fiber broadband customer can opt upto 4 wifi PODS with a single connection so one has to pay deposit and rent for each wifi Pod separately. According to Airtel these POD are enough for Home coverage of upto 4000sq ft. That means 1 pc of this Airtel branded wifi mesh router node is good for 1000sq ft of coverage.

For houses bigger than 4000sq ft Airtel offers premium wifi POD service where one get set of 3 premium coverage+ wifi PODs for ₹5000 secuirty deposit and Rs.500 per month rental. These premium devices as per reports are from Linksys Velop brand of Taiwan.

Here warranty with any of these POD is valid as long as you are paying the rental for these devices to Airtel. In contrast if you buy your own router from Best wifi mesh router list then you get 3 year warranty and don’t have to pay rental for that period too. Obviously you get to keep it 😉

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