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For a 50mbps wifi speed you need 50mbps broadband plan and a router that supports that much speed. Fortunately most of the broadband provider in India provide a decent enough router for 50mbps wifi speeds throughout the house.

50mbps speed is enough for 10HD streams or (one 4k stream + 5 HD streams). That means for average household you won’t face any problems whatsoever for 4-5 family members.

Here is the list of 50mbps(approx) plan speed provider in India:

Provider NameSpeedMonthly Rental
ACT Fibernet50mbps welcome plan₹549+gst
Airtel Fiber40mbps (50mbps avg speed)₹499+gst
Bsnl Fiber30mbps basic plan₹449+gst
Jio Fiber30mbps plan₹399+gst
Tata Fiber50mbps plan₹2099(3months)+gst
Excitel Fiber50mbps plan₹508+gst

All of the provider give router on payment of installation charges or if you pay advance rental then zero installation charges.

Routers given along are good enough for 50mbps speeds and wifi coverage in 150gaj(sq yds) or 1500sq ft house. If you have a bigger house then consider buying a wifi range extender.