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Sept 2016: Mtnl has updated it’s broadband plans with double data for all the plans for 3 months after that customers would be shifted to any of the 9 plans given below. This update comes after recently it’s sister firm Bsnl updated all its broadband plans with 1mbps post fup speed due to increased competition from Jio preview offers.

The new plans by Mtnl Delhi are more of disappointment as 1mbps post FUP speed is for higher end plans only unlike Bsnl which is offering it even for cheapest 499 broadband plan. Similar to Bsnl Rs.49 trial plan Mtnl also launched a trial plan however it is priced at Rs.299 and is not unlimited which is a rip off bait for low budget customers who gets attracted to these lower rate plans.
Shame Shame Mtnl and you claims transparency makes us different.

All in all complete disappointment from Mtnl. Leaving you with Mtnl’s disadvantages to consider.

Disdvantage of using Mtnl in comparison to Airtel Broadband in Delhi

  • Further no add-on pack still in lower plans for unlimited local and std calls.
  • Plans start with 2mbps speed while Airtel is 8mbps.
  • No 16mbps plans even 8mbps plan is just the unlimited one.
  • 512kbps upload speed for all plans which is very low.
  • Customer care is very unprofessional ask you to visit sanchaar hut for every other problems
  • Copper lines are not maintained properly with static in rainy days

Have a look at Excitel broadband plans in Delhi if landline is not a must. I’ll not recommend Mtnl unless it’s your last and only option.