Both Jiofi2(v2) and Jiofi3 & Jiofi4 devices are available and in stock now.

Jiofi Mifi Device available online from official JIO store on or on

Jiofi Mifi device have same plans as Jio prepaid sim device.

JioFi M2S Black | 4G Router from Jio | On The Go Device | Video & HD Voice Calls | Connect & Share | Cashback Worth ₹1500*
  • True 4G Speed
  • 4G Data and HD Voice even on 2G / 3G Smartphones
  • Recommended to connect up to 10 devices
  • Connect & Share
  • Powerful Battery

Jiofi 2 is best wifi internet option still even under new year offer. For the given price of Rs.999 which includes inbuilt wifi router where 11devices can simultaneously connect. Currently there is no provision to unlock these jiofi mifi device  if you are unsure about Jio’s connectivity in your area then better buy a unlocked device like this one.

Unlimited voice calls and 100 sms per day +1-2 GB data depending on recharge denomination makes this offer more lucrative than other offer by any operator till now. You can take the Jio mifi / Jiofi3 modem to anywhere in country and use it with your wifi laptop, wifi tablet, 3G phone, smart tv with wifi or any other device which got wifi.

Update 15th sept 2016 : Jio 4G new model of JioFi (JioFi3) 4G Wifi Hotspot Device launched now with OLED display with same old price of Rs.999. It’s back in stock now.

jio 4g mifi device jiofi3

Update 1st Sept 2016: Tariff plans specific to jio mifi plans not yet announced.
Price of Jio mifi reduced to Rs.1999. Local Jio Digital store are out of stock with jiofi2 … no dates for further availability.

Update 16th August: Jio Mifi2 device now available in store now

Reliance jio Mifi is available for everyone now in stores wef from 16th August 2016.
Price is Rs.2899 Model details can be found here

Device now available for Rs.2899 or 2900 Rs.1999 in any reliance digital store or Reliance mini express store.
With 3 months unlimited internet, sms and calls(using jio join app).


Now you gonna ask if this device is voice enabled?
Answer is no.

Then how can we use voice minutes in this mifi device?
Answer to this is that whenever you connect your mobile via wifi and download app called jio join(only android for now) from play store it would automatically detect your sim card no in mifi device and you can make calls on that app on your android mobile or tablet connected to mifi wifi network. So that app would be phone dialer for sim card no in mifi device. All calls made via app would show caller id as that on mifi sim card while all incoming calls to that mifi sim card would ring the app on phone.

Can I use Jio 4G Jiofi mifi modem dongle with my laptop or pc?
Ans: Yes this device can be used with any laptop, pc or mobile as long as you have wifi enabled on your device you can use it with jiofi mifi dongle n modem.

So in Rs.1999 one can enable your android 3G phone to connect to 4G network and also use it as dual sim or tri(if you already got dual) sim phone to make calls. Isn’t it wonderful?

Ofcourse jio play store, jio video and other interactive works in HD quality thanks to 4G service.

Note##: Jio Join app available only for Android phone for now.

How does this device looks like ?

jio mifi device

How to connect jio network to desktop?
To connect to desktop your phone need something like Usb Wifi Adapter if it is already not wifi enabled.
Most laptop have wifi inbuilt to connect to jio wifi but not desktop.

Now just waiting for Jio to launch paid service on 1st April 2017 with reliable service and hope for mifi specific data plans to be competitive when announced on expected date 28th December 2016.