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Update: Turns out Nextra plans are not true unlimited as users are reporting speed getting shaped after 400-500GB data to 2mbps.

Also nextra has added following lines to Nfinity plans pages

  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will apply to all Nfinity Plans.

Nextra Fiber broadband has launched new true unlimited plans for it’s customers in Delhi.
These plan offers mentioned speed without any FUP whatsoever. Newly lanunched plans are named nfinity by nextra and further denoted by infinity sign on total downloads implying the true unlimited speeds.

Nfinity Plans details:
20mbps true unlimited nfinity plan for Rs.1099+ 15% service tax = Rs.1263.85
30mbps true unlimited nfinity plan for Rs.1399+ 15% service tax = Rs.1608.85
50mbps true unlimited nfinity plan for Rs.1999+ 15% service tax = Rs.2298.85

Though worth to note is that the old unlimited(512kbps beyond FUP limit) plans are still there on nextra website.
Nextra plans to offer these new truly unlimited plans mostly to new customers or as retention plans to customers. In recent few weeks people have been asking for better plans from nextra as old plans were launched in 2014 with no data upgrade tille now. However as competition increases in wired broadband market Nextra is forced to update its plans as in recent times many alternate option have come out which are far cheaper than Nextra Fiber plans.
Also it seemed many people have stopped using nextra broadband because of Jio offer and excitel true broadband plans in Delhi which are available in almost all the areas where nextra broadband is present.