Bsnl new 8mbps broadband plans in Jalandhar Punjab

Bsnl has launched new 8mbps plans in district Jalandhar of Punjab. A total of 3 new plans are available with speed of 8mbps. These broadband plans would be offered under existing adsl2+ copper infrastructure. Bsnl is facing constant competition from Jio 4G where many users have downgraded their broadband plans to lowest possible as Jio unlimited 4G sim is sufficient for data needs.

Also in Punjab Bsnl is facing further competition from Airtel broadband and connect broadband, both of whom provide copper based adsl services. Further in cities and small downs provider like cable/lan based pole to pole wired internet provider are mushrooming fast. Finally Jio is reported to be testing Jio Fiber(urban) and Jiolink(rural – 4G based unlimited fixed broadband service) which is expected to be launched all over India in 2017.


Details of these 8mbps plans launched in Jalandhar SSA Punjab are:

BBG Combo ULD 1591
MRP Rs.1591+15% tax
Plan code: CS178
Speed : upto 8mbps (where ever technically feasible)
FUP: 60GB after that 1mbps

BBG Combo ULD 1891
MRP Rs.1891+15% tax
Plan code: CS179
Speed : upto 8mbps (where ever technically feasible)
FUP: 80GB after that 1mbps

BBG Combo ULD 2041
MRP Rs.2041+15% tax
Plan code: CS180
Speed : upto 8mbps (where ever technically feasible)
FUP: 100GB after that 1mbps

Suggestion for Bsnl :
Launch these plans all over India. Infact phase out pre fup plan with 2mbps speed and instead make 2mbps post fup speed for all the plans.

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