Inverter AC with 5 years PCB Warranty India

Inverter AC have inbuilt PCB circuit board which can give problems under severe voltage fluctuation or any other natural reason. Its a costly part and would always be given as a reason by your electrician or local ac repair guy to not buy the Inverter AC. To remove that fear many brands nowadays offer 5 year PCB warranty as standard which is a good move by AC manufacturers.

Let’s have a look at AC manufacturer brands that offer 5 year PCB warranty as standard for their Inverter Ac’s:
  • LG Inverter AC
  • Daikin Inverter AC
  • Voltas Inverter AC
  • Mitsubishi Inverter AC
  • Hitachi Inverter AC
  • Haier Inverter AC
  • IFB Inverter AC
  • TCL Inverter AC
  • Hisense Inverter AC
  • Candy Inverter AC
  • Carrier Inverter AC (selected models)
  • Panansonic Inverter AC (selected models)

Why choose Inverter AC when risk of PCB getting burnt is there?

First is power saving with ever increasing prices of electricity. However truth is we find inverter AC very comforting as compressor very rarely go off. When AC compressor goes off in non-inverter AC when the desired temp is reached that feeling of sudden break in flow of cool air is very irritating specially in rainy season of India from July to Sept. Many people due to this reason put their non-inverter AC to lowest temperature so that compressor never goes off. That is the one reason to prefer Inverter AC over non-inverter as whatever temp you set compressor switch off rarely happens.

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