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When you should not buy inverter AC or rather when to buy a non-inverter fixed compressor speed AC?

Manufacturer are slowly shifting to inverter AC. LG is the first one to stop selling non-inverter ACs to home consumers. In doing so it started providing 5 year PCB warranty and 10year compressor warranty as standard. We expect other to follow. However we still feel non inverter AC has a place in daily household or small office setup for below mentioned kind of scenarios:

  • If you mostly set your AC temperature below 24degrees celsius. In these temperature settings inverter AC would need a lot of effort to reach the temperature.
  • If your Room has too many doors getting open n closed and is regularly used like drawing, dining, living etc.
  • If your AC usage is less than 2 hours daily on the average. Inverters are best for long hour usage.
  • If you have too many power surge due to storms or voltage spikes. Though this can be taken care via surge protected voltage stabilizers. Read More

All in all inverter AC are suited more for bedrooms specially during night and cozy office cabins during day where doors are less regularly opened. For any place regularly visited effect of inverter power saving drop down a lot. Infact at full power most inverter AC become power guzzlers so we recommend better to use your convertible inverter AC at 80% most of the time.

Have a look at few non-inverter fixed speed ACs:

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