LG has launched it’s Split AC model line up for 2023 with all energy efficient models in India also called Viraat AC by LG. All LG AC in India are inverter AC which saves a lot of power electricity bills a average consumers. To keep out the consumers fear LG offers 5 year warranty on INVERTER AC PCB circuit board which many electrician bad mouth about. While LG offers 1 year comprehensive and 10year warranty on compressor as standard.

LG AC new Features in 2023 models in comparison to 2022 models:

  • Viraat Mode: Use your LG inverter AC at 110% of rated cooling capacity without any time limit. Previously LG use to give this as hyper mode with certain time limit which is removed for now.
  • Mute on: Mute the voices while switching on the LG AC. LG AC has quite loud melodious sound which may irk some people specially families with baby as it can easily wake up the sleeping baby. To sort this problem LG introduced MUTE 3sec button on LG AC remote.
  • Auto Clean: It keeps the AC in fan mode for few mins to clean out moisture out of the pipes.

LG Inverter AC 2023 Best Features same as 2022 models:

  • 6 in 1 convertible AC with AI mode
  • Copper coils with ocean black protection
  • Environment Friendly R32 gas with low gas indicator
  • Dual Rotary Compressor
  • Inverter AC models only for power savings
  • 5 year PCB and 10year compressor warranty as standard
  • Extend comprehensive warranty from 1year to 5 year by paying extra
  • Best service network across India with same day visit
  • Reduced Installation cost of Rs.1199 instead of 1500
  • Self Diagnosis with LG app
  • Stabilizer free operation with 120v to 290v range
  • HD + Anti Virus Filter

We are listing out top models of LG inverter split AC available on amazon India for 2023.