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Panasonic is offering its 2023 Hot & Cold Inverter range of ACs with 7in1 functions for India.

The best part of these ACs is it can run 12months 24×7 on same temperature thanks to AI temperature mode. So if you set it to 24-25degrees all year then in summer it gonna work as AC and bring the temperature lower while in winter it gonna work as heater and increase the temperature to desired level. If room temperature is equal to set temperature then it gonna works as fan only mode.

It also has 7in 1 mode for power saving mode so you can run it on 40% 55% 70% 80% 90% 100% 110% mode too. There is heat mode and fan mode too.

With inbuilt wifi you can control this AC via app from anywhere in the world. So switch on the AC 5-15mins before reaching the home or going to sleep. You can also schedule the turn off and on time to save more power, so schedule it to turn off at 6am when outside temp is already lower.

Similarly you can also control this AC via voice command from Amazon Alex or Google Home. No need to carry remote or mobile all the time. Even kids can control the AC without breaking off the remote.

Twin inverter AC means when the desired temperature is reached AC can work on even 10% of rated power and still cool the room continuously. LG Viraat AC also have this twin inverter technology.

Bluefin coating on copper tunes for resistance to corrosion and gas-leak prone areas.

Stablizer free operation for 145-285v operation voltage range. Still we recommend to use power voltage stablizer.

Check below for specifications, price, power star ratings of 2023 Panasonic Hot & Cold AC range:

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