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Airtel Xstream fiber offers voice service where one gets city based landline phone no. All you need is a normal analogue phone to connect to it.

Here Airtel is giving one free local landline no with unlimited free outgoing HD crystal quality calls through its Airtel xstream fiber ONT.

Though in India we don’t consider Landline phone service seriously however truth is that Landline is very important as backup service for home, soho and office setup. I guess office users already know the benefits of having a dedicated no of business use.

For home too landline comes handy when there are elderly and children at home. As mobile phone can be on silent mode sometime or on low battery or even out of coverage due to network problems. For emergency situation Landline phones are the lifeline.

This voice service is based on voip sip standard where client is registered on customers cpe itself. Airtel uses internal private ip address with qos specifically for this landline service. Calls are always HD quality from airtel voip servers.

One can chose between wired analogue Airtel Landline tele-phone or Digital Airtel Cordless Phone.