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Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband service broadband + voice service. Airtel issues fiber ONT with voip port on it which offers voice line calling service. Here any normal analog landline telephone provided with your old copper Bsnl/Mtnl connection can also be used.

Airtel offers HD quality voice calls with local landline number included with broadband rental. One needs compatible landline phone with RJ11 connector to connect to RJ11 port.

Here is list of Cordless Phone Instrument one can use with Airtel Xstream Fiber:

Other Phone Compatible with Airtel Fiber Broadband Voice Connection:

  • Motorola T101 Cordless Phone
  • Panasonic 3411 cordless phone
  • Beetel X73 cordless phone more info
  • Beetel X90 2.4ghz cordless phone more info
  • Panasonic KX-TG3612BX cordless phone more info
  • Panansonic KX-TG3711SX 2.4ghz cordless phone more info
  • Beetel M73 retro style corded phone more info

2 different type of cordless landline phones you can get in market:

  • First is 2.4ghz band cordless phones here 2.4ghz band is same as wifi 2.4ghz band of a typical wifi router so expect some interference. However channel change on cordless or wifi router can make both work without much interference. Also microwave oven, bluetooth uses same 2.4ghz frequency so voice interference can happen if any of these devices are actively being used.
  • Second is Dect Cordless telephone range. These are not readily available in India as we boarded the cellular phone wave directly. DECT uses 1.9ghz frequency where interference is zero. So DECT cordless is the best option if you can get any. Mostly you’ll find these in imported electronics good market.

Make your Airtel fiber Wifi-6 ready with best wifi 6 routers in India for seamless speeds throughout the house or extend the range with best wifi range extenders.