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  • 1 Ton AC is suited for small Indian Room size of 100-120sq ft aka 12-15Gaj ka kamra.
  • 1 ton 5 Star AC consumes 10% less power than 4 star 1 ton AC and 19% less power than 3 star AC of 1 ton.
  • Similarly according BEE(Ministry of power) a 1.0 ton non-inverter AC consumes more power than 1 ton inverter AC.
  • Most 1 ton 5 star AC now comes with copper condenser only so no worry on that part.
  • For Power consumption of 1 Ton inverter AC read the energy label of BEE given on box and indoor unit of AC itself. Make sure that label is latest year or last year only. Don’t buy AC with outdated energy labels as power efficiency is increasing year by year and labels are getting stricter too.
  • 5 star 1 ton AC are made in India by brand like Voltas, Daikin , Hitachi, Blue-star, Carrier, Videocon, Midea, Panasonic , Sanyo etc
  • For Best 1 Ton 5 Star AC buy inverter model of brand which gives 5 year PCB warranty and 10 year compressor warranty.
  • Standard rate of 1 Ton AC installation is Rs.1500+tax. Though you can get it from local AC for 1000-1200 but many brands void the warranty if not installed from authorized guy.
  • Its good practice to install voltage stabilizer aka transformer for voltage fluctuations.
Few 5 Star 1 Ton Inverter AC to consider for this season: