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High Electricity bills is biggest menace in Hot summers of India. AC being the biggest culprit we always try regulate its usage and always question its electricity consumption and optimal usage. We’ll tell you about a smart tool which can help you check power consumption of your AC and automatically switch it off/on. Infact one can schedule the AC switch on off timing according to sunrise and sunset.

To check your AC rated maximum power consumption in wattage you can check on the label of the AC packaging carton. Here maximum wattage is written which is gone from star rating energy labels. This is the maximum your AC can consume. Like example of AC label given in below pic.

Now most AC consume much lesser than this. Infact inverter AC consume a lot lesser at about 1/5th of max wattage infact a dual invertor AC can consume even 1/10th of max rated power. So how to check the actual usage? Best is to buy a smart plug which can easily be attached to your AC. It makes your AC smart as you can control it via wifi app of the plug. Also power consumption of every hour and every night and for last 12 months can also be noted. But make sure it is 16A with power monitor included to know unit consumption. checkout few good ones…..