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List of Air Conditioners brands that are non Chinese. These brands are Made in India or have AC manufacturing plants within India and have non-chinese parent co.

Indian AC Brand with Made in India Manufacturing

Voltas AC
Voltas is a Tata owned co making AC from 1954 and is a big brand in India now with nation wide service center and it’s own India based AC manufacturing base.
(Check Voltas AC models)
Godrej AC –
Godrej is known for its refrigerators in India and ventured into ACs a long time back and currently manufactures its own AC in India.
(Check Godrej AC models)
Bluestar AC –
Bluestar started as commercial cooling needs providers like cold storage and freezer. Slowly it ventured into consumer cooling needs like fridge & AC. Blue Star AC are a reliable product in the market.
(Check Bluestar AC models)
Onida AC –
Onida is another old Indian brand known for it’s colour TV range and now into all type of white goods with India based manufacturing. Onida AC are quite reliable though their service lacks a little however still improved a lot in last few years.
(Check Onida AC models)
Lloyd AC-
Lloyd is now part of Havells Group in India with completely made in India ACs. They have wide service network thanks to the Havells service network and are in fastest expansion mode.
(Check Lloyd AC models)
IFB is a Kolkata based co. known for introducing fully automatic washing machines in India.
They too entered into AC segment late but now suppply fully made in India AC in India.
(Check IFB AC models)

Above all are Indian brands with India based manufacturing.

Non-Indian(non-Chinese) AC Brands:

Largest selling white good manufacturer in India. Known for their service and after sales support.
Sells only Inverter Ac in India and are pioneer of it.
Daikin AC-
Inventor of Split AC a Japanese brand they have a big manufacturing plant in India however sometimes import ACs too.
Ogeneral AC-
The oldest renowned brand in India. Know for it’s non-inverter AC’s. Now all new ACs have star ratings and full manufacturing warranty.
Mitsubishi AC
Another Japanese AC manufacturer. Sell mostly imported(non-chinese) ACs from south east Asian countries. Knows for heavy duty Acs
Hitachi AC
Yet another Japanese brand with full India based manufacturing plant and wide service network. Operating in India for more than two decade now.
Whirlpool AC
American white goods seller with India based plant manufacturing plant. Wide service network and value for money products is whirlpool usp.
Samsung AC
Another Korean manufacture with both made in India and imported AC range depending on demand.
Panasonic AC
Recently started selling ACs in India. Mix of imported(non-chinese) and India based AC’s.

Above mentioned Non-Indian Brands have manufacturing outside China or atleast import non-chinese AC into India, some even have India based manufacturing based on volume of AC sales.