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So you want to cancel Jio fiber connection under the trial offer or the Jio fiber postpaid connection and now looking on how to cancel it ….. here are steps that need to be done to cancel your Jio Fiber connection & receive the refund you are eligible for.

Any cancellation request of Jio fiber Postpaid after 20th April 2023 won’t get any refund of remaining advance rental paid. So better use all the months you paid advance rental for before placing the cancellation request.

Please note that steps are same for Jio fiber prepaid and postpaid connection cancellation:

  1. Call Jio fiber helpline at 1800-896-9999 and ask them to register the disconnection request. They ll try to help you to not do that but you need to overcome their unsolicited help and get them to register the disconnection request. They’ll give you disconnection request no and time frame by when they disconnect it completely. Do note down that request and time and date of when you called. Also note down the name of representative who noted the request.
  2. Next re-confirm the disconnection request by sending the email to with your account no and disconnection request no with time and date details and ask them to reconfirm the info given by representative. This is to validate that disconnection request no is genuine as sometimes these rep give fake sr no on phone to avoid disconnection.
  3. Representative will come to you to collect Router with set top box(if availed) & take the payment details for refund to issued. Also once collection is successful you’ll receive sms asking you to update bank details or you can enter refund details here yourself. jio fiber refund is paid back via bank transfer only.
  4. If the disconnection doesn’t happen by date given to you then the next day follow up once again on 1800-896-9999 or
  5. If not satisfied with their reasons its time to take complaint to higher authority in Jio , contact the jio appellate authority phone no or email address given here (select your state to show email n phone no).

FAQs regarding Jio Fiber cancellation process…..
  • Ques: I havn’t Received my Jio Fiber refund yet.
  • Ans: Enter your bank details to Jio website yourself here.
  • Ques: What is the cancellation charges for Jio fiber?
  • Ans: Within trial period nothing would be deducted, after trial period Rs.1000 is deducted from initial amount paid.
  • Ques: Is Jio fiber refundable?
  • Ans: Refundable with lot of conditions.
  • Ques: Is Jio fiber ₹1500 refundable?
  • Ans: Within trial period fully refundable. After trial period Rs.500 refundable
  • Ques: Is Jio fiber ₹2500 refundable?
  • Ans: Within trial period fully refundable. After trial period Rs.1500 refundable
  • Ques: Can we return Jio Set Top Box?
  • Ans: Yes but both the modem and set top box need to be refunded after cancellation.
  • Ques: Can I suspend Jio fiber connection?
  • Ans: As of now you can’t suspend your Jio fiber connection but soon this facility gonna launch.
  • Ques: Is Jio fiber router free?
  • Ans: Well one is paying installation fee or paying long term advance rental plan fees so not free. You have to return it after disconnection.
  • Ques: What happens if Jio fiber is not recharged for a long time?
  • Ans: Jio fiber prepaid can be kept upto 90 without a recharge.
  • Ques: Is Jio fiber free for 6 months?
  • Ans: Not free, you are paying 6 month advance rental and getting router + set top box included depending on the plan so not free. Also you need to return router with stb after disconnection.
  • Ques: Can I use other router with Jio fiber?
  • Ans: Only in access point mode one can use the other router. Jio doesn’t allow bridge for other routers like Airtel does.
  • Ques: Is JioFiber worth buying?
  • Ans: Yes definitely worth on price value it offers.
  • Ques: Can I use Jio set-top box without Jio fiber?
  • Ans: Yes you can use jio set top box with Airtel or ACT or bsnl fiber but this can be blocked anytime in future.

We hope this post helps you in cancellation of Jio Fiber connection for whatever reason you have and you receive the full jio fiber deposit refund you are eligible for.