Jio Fiber how much security deposit and how to get refund details inside

Jio Fiber current(from 1st sept 2020) security deposit is Rs.1500 for wifi modem or Rs.2500 for wifi modem + set top box. Both are fully refundable on return of hardware in working non damaged condition.

Between 1st Sept 2019 & 31st Aug 2020 Rs.1500 was refundable security deposit for stb and wifi modem. Also Rs.1000 was paid as installation charge which is non refundable.

During the trail period customers paid security deposit of either Rs.4500 for dual band white colour wifi modem or Rs.2500 for single band black wifi modem. Zero installation cost was paid during this period. Customer could opt for Jio STB too on recharging with bronze or above pack. Also whatever security deposit was paid during this period is completely refundable on return of hardware in working non damaged condition.

For disconnection you have to raise a request with support. Executive will come to collect hardware and stuff and also will note down your bank details. Make sure to take receiving from executive that hardware is collected. Next you need to follow up with them to transfer back the amount. And hopefully within 15 working days they’ll transfer the security deposit back to your account. Hope this helps. Any further question? Ask in comment form below.


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