Jio Fiber Router Specification

Jio Router is a Fiber ONT(modem)+ Router with dual band wireless inbuilt. Actual calculated cost of this router is Rs.1000 to user.

Specifications common in most router

  • Fiber GPON ONT
  • 4 Gigabit ports
  • Ac1200 dual band wifi
  • 5GHZ speed of 866mbps
  • 2.4ghz speed of 300mbps
  • Phone port for voip calls.
  • Wps button for quick connection.
  • Range can be extended via jio mesh router.
  • Compatible easymesh open standard to support fast roaming on jio mesh router.
  • Closed router with no bridge mode allowed.
  • 1-2 USB ports built in

Available for Rs.1500 under Jio fiber trial offer with one month free. After 1 month only Rs.500 out of Rs.1500 is refundable so we can say that cost is Rs.1000.

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