Jio Fiber Router Specification Price Details

Jio Router is a Fiber ONT(modem)+ Router with dual band wifi inbuilt 2.4ghz wifi + 5 ghz wifi with rated speed of AC1200 i.e. 860+mbps for 5ghz and 300mbps for 2.4ghz with all gigabit lan ports. Actual calculated cost of this router is Rs.1000 to user while one has to pay advance rental or trial amount as per connection opted via Jio Fiber.

Specifications common in most of wifi Routers provided by Jio Fiber:

  • Fiber GPON ONT
  • 4 Gigabit ports
  • AC1200 dual band wifi
  • 5GHZ speed of 866mbps
  • 2.4ghz speed of 300mbps
  • Phone port for voip calls.
  • Wps button for quick connection.
  • Range can be extended via jio mesh router.
  • Compatible easymesh open standard to support fast roaming on jio mesh router.
  • Closed router with no bridge mode allowed.
  • 1-2 USB ports built in
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Available for Rs.1500 under Jio fiber prepaid trial offer with one month free. After 1 month only Rs.500 out of Rs.1500 is refundable so we can say that cost is Rs.1000. For postpaid one gets free router on payment of 6 months of advance rental for selected plans.

Limitations of Jio router and kind jio fiber is that one can’t use their own router in bridge mode with Jio Fiber. So this Jio Router is kind of locked box where everything is controlled by Jio from backend. Though this can be good for most users however for advance users this is a big limitation. That’s why most techy avoid Jio fiber and use it as a last resort when no other fiber is available in their area.

Extend Wifi Range of your Jio Router

Q: How to change password in Jio fiber router?

A: Go to Myjio app. Link your jio fiber account with registered mobile no. Click on switch account. Swicth to jio fiber account. click on my devices pic in bottom center. Click on device setting. click on change password for either 2.4ghz network or 5ghz network.

Q: How to access web interface from desktop or laptop for jio fiber router?

A: Connect your router directly to windows laptop via ethernet cable. Next in search type cmd and you’ll see black screen called command prompt. In command prompt type ipconfig. You’ll see few ip address on screen. Note down the default gateway address ip address. Now open any browser like edge, firefox, chrome and type the above ip address. You’ll see the jio router login page. Now type in username type “admin” and password “Jiocentrum” Now it’ll ask you to change password. Press cancel button here.


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