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Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband division is giving away new Nokia G2425G-A Fiber ONT model with every new installation nowadays. Previously it was giving away  Nokia g-140W-F router with new installation. Huawei Router/ONT was given away way before that.

This router Supports GPON ONT built-in, Dual Band AC1200 wifi i.e. N300+AC800 with two non detachable antenna.

At back of this Nokia ONT given by Airtel consist four gigabit LAN ports with 1 Voip port for voice/landline calls. Also given one USB 2.0 port for upnp and dlna which is supported by this router.

Four Buttons at back the big one is Router On/off  three small one are Wifi on/off, LED on/off, WPS button and one hidden reset button.

This router has excellent range for both 2.4ghz & 5ghz wifi and can easily connect 10-15 devices without any problem.

Wifi Singal Booster/Range Extender for Airtel Router

For bridge mode on Nokia G2425GA contact Airtel Broadband at 121 or 198. As Airtel need disable auto provisioning of this router from backend. Though one can use additional wifi router as access point with this Nokia model.

This router supports GRE tunnel, QoS, Vlan binding, Ipv6, Dlna, Upnp, FTP, port forwarding , wireless scheduling, URL filter, Parental control, DMZ & ALG etc.

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