Airtel Xstream Fiber ONT+Wifi Router Sercomm AOT-4221SR

Here comes new model of Airtel Fiber ONT Wifi Router from Taiwanese brand called Sercomm.

Looks almost similar like Airtel Xstream DTH box.
Previously Airtel use to give Nokia G2425G-A ONT+Wifi Router and before that Nokia G-140W-C ONT+Wifi Router.

This time router is based on single ring type light on top around Airtel logo which changes colour to show status of connection. Like white solid means connection is stable and active. White dim means connection active but no data transfer taking place. Green blinking means user connecting to router. Pink blinking means wps mode active. While obvious red means problem in connection. For different ports led within port is given at back of router as seen in image of router posted.


To open the login page of this router connect to router via cable or wirelessly if you have wifi password. Next open in web browser. Username is admin and password is admin by default.

  • This dual band wifi router supports AC1200 which is N300 on 2.4ghz band and AC800 on 5ghz band.
  • Wpa2 with latest AES encryption with one touch wps is also supported by this router.
Dual Band AC Range Extender compatible with Sercomm AOT-4221SR


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