Best 5ghz Wifi Router with Long Range for Indian Homes

AC Router also known as 5ghz routers are dual band routers with both 5ghz and 2.4ghz radio inbuilt. For speed of more than 100mbps speed on 5ghz router the 5ghz router must also have gigabit port.s Without gigabit only 90-95mbps speed will be supported on 5ghz/dual band router even if actual isp speed is much more than 100mbps.

For big brick houses greater than 3000sqft check out the mesh router range. For 2000-3000sq ft if router can be placed at centralized place only then all the end of house can get healthy wifi range with single router. If router is placed in one end of house or its a long rectangular row house …. better switch to dual or triple mesh router.

Lets continue to our list of best 5ghz routers with best range suitable for India and its homes.

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