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While upgrading refrigerator for their homes people in India nowadays are considering side by side by models too if budget is not a factor. Most get attracted to bigger size side by side fridge mostly shown in TV ads. Double door models are hardly shown.

Lets discuss if for a typical Indian home is it a wise decision to buy a side by side refrigerator. Biggest factor against side by side refrigerator is freezer to fridge ratio(space of freezer out of total available space). In side by side refrigerators this is approx 40:60% of total space while in normal double door fridge it is 20:80%. Infact in single door refrigerators its even lower at 10:90%.

This is good mostly for working couple who like to cook and freeze there food on weekends so as to use it on working days. I doubt we have that kind of culture in India as we are strictly against frozen foods as our parents love to cook due to easily available fresh veggies from cart/vendor nearby.

Plus there is extra power consumption too due to this higher freezer space ratio. You’ll mostly notice that these side by side refrigerators are low on star rating due to this and become a major cost in electricity bills.

Better alternative for Indian home is to instead buy a refrigerator with following features:

  • Bottom Freezer – So that fridge part is easily accessible as Women mostly tend to have back problems.
  • Inverter compressor – Not only these are latest and power saving. These also tend to operate on wide range on voltage thus saving transformer cost and are super silent too.
  • Convertible fridge – Are the future where you can change freezer to fridge mode or even put it off for holidays. Tend to save power and increase life of compressor too.
  • Spend more on 5star or 4star power saving models as refrigerator is kept on 24/7 365 days.

Have a look at few good Bottom Freezer Refrigerators:

Hope this helps in your refrigerator buying process.