When buying a Refrigerator or Fridge we expect it to long 10-15 years with aptness for current n future needs. Hence to consider all factor before making this decision.

Let’s talk one by one on all the important and necessary aspects to consider before buying a refrigerator:

1.) Size: This depends on your lifestyle , no of household members and of-course budget. The right size is must. Too big would consume more space , electricity + higher price. Too small for current n future members (if any) then cooling would be affected + you would need to upgrade sooner making it more costlier in long term. Rule is 50-100litres per member depending on your lifestyle, members n their age and current fridge size.

2.) Freezer to Fridge ratio: for small single door refrigerator freezer to fridge ratio is around 80:20 which in double door it’s around 70:30 while in side by refrigerator it’s around 60:40. For most working couples a bigger freezer is required than a single working house. Also most affluent/elite customers need further big freezer due to more consumption frozen/meat products. No hard and fast rule.

3.) Inverter or Reciprocatory Compressor: Inverter compressor concept is similar to inverter ac concept as instead of turning compressor on/off it slows down to a variable stable speed thus saving electricity, less noisy, can run on inverter and don’t need voltage stabilizer also. LG/Samsung/Hitachi/Bosch offer complete inverter range. Haier/Godrej offers both inverter n reciprocatory models. While all desi brands mostly offer reciprocatory models only. Inverter models will always be costlier than normal one.

4.) Star Ratings: Electricity consumption is must in today’s world where per unit cost is touching Rs.10-12. 1-5star rating refrigerator are made. higher the star bigger the energy saving. 5star fridge are rare for now so 4star is best. But considering price of model even 3 star can be considered but avoid 1 & 2 star. You’ll notice most 1-2 star refrigerators are cheaper than 3-4star models with similar features. A Good 4 star refrigerator of 400liter+ capacity can save you approx Rs.100 per month than 2 star model of similar capacity. This saving will increase as electricity prices would increase as always.

5.) Convertible Models: Convertible range is a new concept where freezer can be converted to fridge or fridge n freezer can be selectively be switched off. This is good people who more than 1 refrigerator where they can change according to season also for holiday homes etc. LG only has 2in1 range while Samsung n Haier give 5 in 1 convertible on selected models. 2 in 1 got limited as you can’t turn off the freezer n fridge selectively only can convert freezer to fridge n back.

6.) Cost: Bigger the fridge higher it cost but it in today’s market bigger refrigerator cost twice or thrice on per liter of capacity cost.  For example a 160 liter single fridge cost 10,000 = 62.5/liter while a 250liter double door cost 25k = 100/liter and a 500 liter side by side cost 60,000 = 120/liter. Making it cheaper to buy two refrigerator than one :). Obviously features like mentioned in pt 3 & 4 comes in mid n higher range mostly.

7.) Other features: stabilizer free operation is normal in most models, digital temperature display which is more of fancy feature as from past experience it tends to go kaput frequently. So better to avoid digital display.

Brands to consider are : LG – Godrej – Samsung -Whirlpool – Haier – Hitachi – Bosch
  • For 1-2 members = 165-250 liters is enough.
  • For 2-3 members = 200-300 liters is satisfactory.
  • For 2-4 members = Get a 200-400 liters two door model as per budget.
  • For 3-5 members = Around 300-500 liters is appropriate mostly.
  • For 4-6 members = 350-600 liters is enough.