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4g Modem are best when you don’t have access to wired broadband service and need dedicated device to use mobile data as mobile phone is used for many other stuff like attending calls etc.

Modern 4G modems can be classified into of three diff types:
  1. 4G Dongle which can be plugged directly into laptop or computer for internet. Advantage for 4G dongle is you don’t need dedicated power source for it to work. Connect to any usb port of laptop or pc and its ready to go. Also boot time of 4g modem is quick.
  2. 4G wifi hotspot with Battery backup. Here its a small portable hotspot device with wifi and battery backup. This can be connected via usb and charge via power adapter. Not for prolonged usage as they tend to heat easily.
  3. 4G wifi router without battery but wifi inbuilt just like normal broadband router. 4g router is big size non-portable device made for 24-7 usage. So its like normal wifi router but internet is via one single 4g sim card router built-in where every mobile , pc, laptop, camera, TV can connect.

First Check Out Best unlocked 4G dongle:

Best unlocked 4G wifi Hotspot list:

Best unlocked 4G wifi Router list:

For mobile like speeds better get 4g+ modem with CA (carrier aggregation). Nowadays 4G router are even capable with wifi 6 and mesh technology.