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Jio has reduced its mifi modem price from Rs.2899 to Rs.1999 effective 1st Sept this included preview offer till 31st Decemeber. Astonishingly this device was launched at current price just 15days back on 15th august 2016.
jio 4g details
Before 15th August 2016 Mifi launch this Jio mifi device was available for employees only or for HP laptop customers.

Certainly a small shock for all those who brought this at Rs.2899.

Thing that make this device further unattractive is that no tariff specific to this data only users have been launched in recent commercial Jio launch.

We still hope mifi based tariff plans comes in before 1st Jan 2017 because current mobile plans are unattractive. As most mobile plans got generous wifi only data along with voice and 4G data which completely overturns the idea of having mifi device.

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