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In Dec 2016 RBI waived requirement of physical KYC for saving bank account opening. So one can open bank account using Aadhar Card OTP(if mobile no is registered in aadhar card). However this eKYC is good til 6months or upto Rs.1,00,000 deposit only. Before which you need to visit bank to verify using fingerprint/physical verification.

Still not bad for someone who is new in town/city and need Bank account immediately to start with. There can be so many things for which one need bank account immediately. This is good for that.

Some of good features of IDFC bank account other than eKyc verification are:

  • Free Signature Debit Card Lifetime free if 25000 amb is maintained else ₹100
  • 2 Airport Lounge Access per quarter
  • Unlimited withdrawal at any bank ATM without any charge if 25000 amb is maintained else 5 free then ₹20.
  • Rs.25,000 Average Monthly Balance requirement is not mandatory

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Other Banks which offer similar ekyc bank account options is Kotak Bank 811 saving account with zero balance requirement.