Lifetime Free Rupay Credit Card

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Now that bank account can be opened online using aadhar no via ekyc.

However their is limitations to these Digital bank account which are:
1.) no more than 1 lac balance in account at any given time unless you do physical verification.
2.) no more than 1 lac credit/deposit in account unless you do physical verification.
3.) Validity of 1 year before you need to physically verify using biometrics at nearby branch else account would be freezed.

Clearly this is for anyone who have immediate requirement of bank for documentation or any other purpose.
Nothing like mainstream account that can be used for day to day purpose.

Now most Banks offer it as zero balance account which means zero charges for not keeping the balance in account.
However you would get hit by other mandatory charges by bank

Axis Bank asap : Debit Card Rs.589/year + Rs.5.89 per month sms charges.
Rbl Abacus : Debit Card Rs.177/year + 25p per sms alert(max of Rs.100/month).
Digibank by DBS: Debit Card: 1st year Free 2nd year Rs.177 per year + Sms alert free.
Federal Bank Selfie : Debit card: Rs.295 per year + sms alert 50p for each sms.
Idfc Bank Account: Debit Card Rs.118 per year + sms alert free.

As you can see from above IDFC & Digibank comes out to be cheapest of all.
Axis Bank has clause in T&Cs that it can close asap account without disclosing a reason so beware of unnecessary trouble. Also with Rs.499 debit card fees is ripoff. Also cash deposit is charged at Rs.150+gst for each instance.
RBL abacus & Federal bank sms alert charges are rip off. Though RBl provide cash deposit as zero cost for said amount.