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If your are looking for smart plug for geyser then do look at burn out problem due to plug /top burn problem in geyser. A 2000w geyser keeps it heating element on for atleast 1 hour or more when all family members are taking bath one after another in morning. This makes the geyser draw out continuous 2000W or more current which makes the connected plug+top+socket heat a lot and sometimes these melt too due excessive heat. Burnt socket, plugs, tops are common with water heaters, so a smart plug can also face a burnout problem due to this over heat.

One shouldn’t risk to connect their smart plug to these over heated plugs, socket or tops with a water heater geyser. Instead try a smart switch something like a smart switch where wire are directly connected instead.

We too personally faced burn out problems on our smart plugs connected to the water heater geyser. You can use any 16A smart plug to any other device like AC, washing machine, refrigerator without any problem. However for geyser water heater we don’t recommend smart plugs .

Instead try to use smart switch for water heater geysers like below:

Another option is to buy a smart geyser itself from day 1. Smart devices is best suited for geysers as most people have fixed time to take bath in weekdays which once scheduled can be both convenience and power savings. Hope this post help in deciding best smart plugs for your devices.