Best Smart (Geyser) Water Heater with Wifi Alexa

Smart Water Heater(Geyser) are future you can control, schedule, check/set temperature, note power consumption all from click of an app or even with voice command. Scheduling is best part of smart water geyser as you can get desired temperature at same time on every work day and save power too by not switching it on whole night.

We don’t recommend to use smart plug with geyser as higher temperature tend to burn out the plug in long term. Also you won’t be able to know/control the temperature of non-smart water geyser connected with a smart plug.

So you definitely need a smart geyser to know when to get out of the cosy bed in those winter mornings. Infact you can set notification alarm on your phone to wake you only when the temperature of water reaches your desired level.

Best Smart Wifi Water Geyser with Voice Control

Most smart geyser have alexa or google home capability inbuilt , you just have to set it up initially with linked account. And you can easily ask the voice to switch on the geyser or set the desired water temp.

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