Best 4k CCTV Wifi Security Camera India

HD home security camera lacks clarity, one cannot detect even the person face properly from 10ft of camera plus pixel can be seen all over the screen if the same footage is played on little bigger screen like a 14-15 inch laptop leave aside a tv.

Here 4k camera comes handy unfortunately for time being 4k camera don’t have wide availability from a reliable brands. You may find it from some local rebranded chinese one however the quality on those 4k camera is a big question mark.

However progressively we have 2k cctv cameras finally available in India and hopefully 4k cctv camera would be here soon.

Till then list of few 2k 1440P security cameras available in India:

Tp-Link Tapo C320Ws is outdoor waterproof 2k CCTV camera with 4mp fixed lens and 2560x1440p picture recording. Supports 256GB microsd card and full colour night vision. Also records and supports 2 way audio from within camera and Tp-Link app. Read More
eufy Security Mini IndoorCam is a 360degree indoor 2K camera with super clear recording. It has a AI Human Detection for every detection inside your home and track record it. This eufy mini indoor cctv camera works with Alexa and record on local micro sd card. It also has a privacy mode for those moments you don’t wanna record. Read More
Mi 360 degree 2k Pro camera is a indoor home security cctv camera with dual band wifi & Bluetooth Gateway BLE 4.2. Recording on 2K super clear 3megapixel camera. This MI 2k pro cctv also has a full color detection low light. AlsoAI human & pet detection for close watch on your kids or pets. Read More

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