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Tp_link has launched a new Wifi 5 router in India called Tp-Link Archer C86.

This model offers maximum speed of 1.9ghz via wifi however is limited by 1gigabit wan port speed. Either way we know it would max out 700-900mbps most of the time. Powered by 3X3 Mu-Mimo this router looks similar to old router design of Archer C5 if you can remember or maybe Tp-Link is clearing out it’s old router inventory. C86 offers wpa3 support with 6 antenna and 4+1 gigabit ports.

Nothing fancy it offers basic app support and Tp-link parental control. So just the upgrade on wifi front with 600mbps(2.4ghz)+ 1300mbps(5ghz) wifi speed in an old Tp-link design.

TP-Link Archer C86 AC1900 Wireless MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router | 3×3 MIMO | Beamforming | MU-MIMO | 1900 Mbps Dual Band Gigabit | OneMesh | Parental Controls,White
  • 802.11ac Wave2 Wi-Fi —— 1300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.
  • 3×3 MIMO Technology —— Transmitting and receiving data on three streams to pair flawlessly with your 3×3 clients.
  • Boosted Wi-Fi Coverage —— Beamforming technology and six external antennas deliver a highly efficient wireless connection.
  • MU-MIMO —— To help your devices achieve optimal performance by making communication more efficient
  • Personalized Management —— Advanced features like Parental Controls, Guest Network, and Access Control provide individualized tools for network management.

Surprisingly in this era of wifi6 routers major share of routers sold in India is still dual band 5ghz routers as users are upgrading from single band routers.

Most of mom and pop users in western world is moving from wifi 5 to wifi 6 while high end users are moving from wifi 6 to wifi 6e triband routers.