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Haier and Whirlpool are top white good manufacturer.

We recommend you to buy a whirlpool fridge if buying single/double door refrigerator however Haier is preferred one in side by side/bottom freezer technology due to its extensive convertible range. In double door better to compare each model with features, size , star ratings and price.

Haier RefrigeratorWhirlpool Refrigerator
Chinese ManufacturerAmerican Manufacturer
1 year comprehensive Warranty1 year comprehensive Warranty
10 year compressor Warranty10 year compressor Warranty
Haier has better side by side fridge rangeWhirlpool has better single door fridge range
Haier is known for its convertible side by side refrigerators.Whirlpool is known for cheap spare parts and better service.
Brand/quality wise both are equally good. Better to compare each model on its own.
Go for Haier if looking for Side by side refrigerator models.Go for Whirlpool if looking for single or double door refrigerator models.

Do comment below if you are looking to for any specific model comparison.