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Havells has introduced whole new technology of water heater geysers in India where no heating element is placed inside the inner water tank. Instead an induction based heating technology from outside of the inner tank is used to heat the water tank and water inturn. I guess heating side of tank must be made from induction friendly material.

Havells claims it takes 10-12 minutes in fully heat the 25 liter tank to highest temperature instead of normal 20-25minutes resulting in 25% saving in long shower baths. We can’t say how these result in actual way.

Havells Magnatron 25 Liter Induction Geyser
Havells Magnatron 25L India’s First Water Heater(Geyser) having NO HEATING ELEMENT |Minimal Scaling| Faster Heating| Electricity Saving| Shock Safe Plug |Wall Mounting (White Champagne Gold)
Current Offer Price:₹ 17,498
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This Water Heater Geyser is equipped with remote control to set temperature and mode. It has 3 modes to operate in – Normal, Eco & Smart. This induction geyser has a temperature display too with mode option and setting buttons embedded on geyser itself. Havells has also equipped this geyser with its elcb/rccb plug like every other Havells geyser.

I think Havells is testing the market & technology both with this single 25 liter model only. No other storage geyser model is available for now. Also this model command a healthy 50-70% premium over other models in 25 liter storage water heater range. Worth to try if you can afford the premium.

Installation kit and installation is completely free with this induction water heater geyser.