Best Tankless Water Heater(Geyser) in India 2023

Tankless water are a new concept in India. While instant water heater use to have 1-3liter of storage tank these tankless water heater have no tank for storage at all so can be considered a true instant water heater. Another stark difference is load can be as high as 6.5kw in these tankless water heater. While instant water heater are 2kw – 4.5 kw mostly these tankless water heater starts from 3kw and can be as high as 6.5kw for now.

Best Tankless Water Heater System India 2023

There are many tap based tankless water heater geyser too available in market though we are not sure if these are shock proof or not as mostly these are chinese imported models with no ISI certification. So better buy some Indian model with warranty and registration.

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