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Buying water heater geyser for bathroom or kitchen in the house? You’ll notice double cost of branded geyser in comparison to local one. While local are smaller in size and more compact however branded one are bigger in size and bulky. Lets talk about the price difference and size difference one by one.

The local one small size because of lesser insulation so the water doesn’t say hotter inside for long while large size in branded one is due to bigger insulation so water stays hot for long thus saving energy.

Infact the branded one have higher energy star ratings due to better insulation. IT help them keep water warm for 5-8hours in comparison to 2-3hours in less insulated or even non insulated in local water heaters.

Infact the star rating stickers on most local geyser are not correct as they mention 3kw heating element while actual geyser is fitted with 2kw element. So one is not sure if features offered are really inside or not.

Coming to heating elements. Most branded geyser offers Incoloy 800 Heating Element with some even offering glass coasting on it. While in local brand geyser you are not sure what material is used as they just save cost on materials.

The inner tank in most local water geyser don’t have any protection from inside while all branded one have glass coating on inner side of tank to avoid rust formation. Branded geysers all tell about material used like rolled steel or stainless steel etc. While nothing like that is mentioned in local geysers.

Branded geyser have double protection for malfunctioning. So if thermostat stop functioning they offer auto cut out and safety valve protection while local branded geyser only have single protection if thermostat goes kaput.

Tank pressure holding capacity is mentioned on branded geyser for high building houses or if you have pressure pump installed etc. While no such thing is mentioned on local branded geyser as they aren’t tested for anything and are failure prone.

We recommend you AO Smith or Havells as first preference for geyser for their glass coated heating element which is missing in other branded geysers.


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