Best Diapers For Babies in India


  1. For newborn – 2months baby or till 4kg baby weight: Xtra Small Size  Try Huggies dry small size diapers. New born babies have very tiny size where Huggies small size diapers come handy. As Huggies diapers in comparison to pampers are smaller in same category. I found pampers dry small size too big for my new born baby though she got a good height. In pant style try Mamy Poko Pants extra small though not recommended for baby too small.
  2. For 2months- 6months baby or 4kg -7kg baby weight: Small Size Pamper small size Active/Dry Pampers or Libero small size open diapers. In pampers Active baby diapers are costlier than Dry pampers. I would say try both or do what pampers recommend Active in Day and Dry in Night.
  3. For 6months till 9months/1year or 7kg- 11kg baby weight: Medium Size Pampers dry or pampers active medium size tape style diapers or a cheaper option is Libero medium  tape style diapers. Until now this we used tape style diapers only from above this age n baby weight you can consider both pant style or tape style diapers.
  4. From 9months/1Year onwards or above 11kg baby weight: Large Size  Mamy Poko Pant style diapers large size or Libero Large size diapers or Pampers Large Size diapers.


  1. Pampers – (Tape Styles: Active  & Dry) Pant Style (Dry & Premium Care) . Best overall brand but can be very costly at MRP. Pant style have smaller size than tape style which justifies the extra price of tape style.
  2. Huggies –  Tape Style (Dry ) – Pant Style (Wonder Pants & Ultra soft(diff for boys and girls)). Next to pampers though their small size is very handy for new born baby.
  3. Mamy Poko Pant Style only (Standard & Extra Absorb). Best pant style diapers ever. Their extra absorb category is better than pampers dry pants even though price is same. I wish they launch taped diapers also. This is a japanese brand so quality is very good and is VFM also. In other countries mamy poko have tape style diapers also and are considered premium brands.
  4. Libero – Tape Style (Open diapers & Drynight Diapers) – Pant Style diapers. Tried tape stype only. these are best looking diapers though a little thicker than pampers.but very value for money.
  5. Fisher Price-(USA brand – Made in china) Tape style diapers only. Best fit, very thin, we found these even better than pampers. However only old 2014 manufacturing is in market and as the stock good sold the price got steeper.
  6. Himalaya- Tape style only- Didn’t find the fit to be good. In my opinion Himalaya need to redsign it’s entire diaper range though there baby products are better.
  7. Bella – (European imported) Tape style only. Quite costly. Never tried.
  8. Chicco-Tape Style only- Very Costly … imported from Italy. Never tried
  9. Pigeon tape style only:  Japanese brand- Little costly- Never Tried
  10. Apollo Babybest tape style only: Apollo Health brand- Never Tried
Sorted by size from smaller to large (Size matters the most while buying a diaper)
  • Huggies small= mamy poko pants extra small XS
  • Pampers small NB = Libero small = Fisher price small = mamy poko pants small
  • Pampers medium = Libero medium = mamy poko pants medium
  • Pampers large = Libero large = mamy poko pants large

I would recommend Pampers for small size til 6 months. After 6 months switch to mamy poko pants(xtra absorb) medium.

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best baby diapers india


Few tips: 
1) For newborn babies we recommend tape style diapers as pant style diapers leaves marks/rashes as skin is not use to tightness of elastic of pant style diapers.
2) For a delicate skin of new born babies better avoid pant style.
3) Pant style is better for later use from 9months to 1year when baby starts crawling. At those times tape style diapers sometimes loosen due to baby movements this is when pant style comes very handy.

Above list of diapers is from what is available in India & we consider best for babies from renowned brands.

Above list starts from newborn babies as the baby grows bigger in weight & height.

This list is made from personal experience of regular parents in using these diapers.

However each baby is different so this list may or may not work for your baby.

So please give your valuable opinions & suggestions on what worked for you in belowcomment section.

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