We are looking at new awareness of Baby Products in India with increased concern about chemicals in baby products & keeping in mind value conscious Indian customers. Lets have a look at few good Baby Product Brands in India:

SEBAMED Baby Products
Sebamed is a German brand imported to India. Mostly Sebamed has Bathing range of baby products available in India like Sebamed baby wash, Sebamed baby shampoo, Sebamed baby facial cream, Sebamed baby cleansing bar, Sebamed baby powder, Sebamed baby massage oil, Sebamed baby lotion etc. Nowadays Sebamed has also introduced range of products targeting mother of new born baby.
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MEE MEE Baby Products
MeeMee is value for money baby brand startup by Naresh Khatar keeping in Indian middle class. Meemee has biggest range of baby products in India. MeeMee baby products include MeeMee baby wipes, MeeMee baby powder, MeeMee baby wash, MeeMee baby lotion, MeeMee baby wipes, MeeMee baby soap, MeeMee baby detergent, MeeMee baby cleanser, MeeMee baby rash cream, MeeMee kids toothpaste etc. Meemee has range of kids products too.
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MAMAEARTH Baby Products
MamaEarth is Indian startup by Ghazal Alagh who wanted to introduce chemical free baby product line for Indian baby. Most of their products are natural and claimed to be chemical free. Mama Earth products include Mamaearth baby soap, Mamaearth baby face cream, Mamaearth baby lotion, Mamaearth baby shampoo, Mamaearth baby powder, Mamaearth baby massage oil, Mamaearth baby mosquito repellent, Mamaearth baby sunscreen, Mamaearth baby wash, Mamaearth baby detergent, Mamaearth baby rash cream etc.
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Himalaya Baby Products
Himalaya baby products is from Himalaya drug co the wellness brand of India. They have mass market reach in baby products segment. Himalaya baby products include Himalaya baby soap, Himalaya baby shampoo, Himalaya baby wash, Himalaya baby cream, Himalaya baby cream, Himalaya baby lotion, Himalaya baby powder, Himalaya baby massage oil, Himalaya baby detergent etc.
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DOVE Baby Products

Baby Dove is baby products brand name of P&G consumer goods MNC. They have slowly introduced range of products in India. Firstly they were imported from Poland however lately all are manufactured here in India itself. Baby Products like Baby Dove Soap, Dove Baby Wash, Dove baby shampoo, Dove baby lotion, Dove baby jelly, Dove baby wipes etc.
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CHICCO Baby Products
Chicco is an Italian baby toy & clothing brand which later introduced all kind of baby products in India. They have many Chicco stores too in India. They have all the baby bathing line products available in India like Chicco baby wash, Chicco baby shampoo, Chicco baby facial cream, Chicco baby cleansing bar, Chicco baby powder, Chicco baby massage oil, Chicco baby lotion , Chicco toothbrush, Chicco baby clothing detergent, Chicco hair brush etc.
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We will try to update this. Hope you like the above info.