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Update:  Jio has updated this plan now Rs.499 plan recharge would offer

Jio 499 Plan 

Rental Rs.499 + (15% service tax payable in postpaid, not payable if you start auto payment)

  • 2GB/day for prime members or
  • 5GB per month for non-prime members.
  • Free calling and sms is still there.
  • Night data is withdrawn.
  • No wifi hotspot data.
  • No isd benefits also
  • Validity (one month postpaid) (28days prepaid, comes to 13 recharges 2months)


Jio made public it’s tariff plans on 5th Sept. The lowest plan for medium data user got to be 499 plan.
Let’s check all the details and review this plan based on day to day usage.

  • Free data: 4GB in day time 5am to 2am (21 hours)
  • Unlimited free in night hours 2am to 5am (3 hours)
  • Wifi hotspot data: 8GB can be used at any Jio wifi hotspot(mostly near tower of jio or at public places)
  • Unlimited free sms no 100sms limit.
  • Unlimited free calling to any network anywhere in India.
  • All India as one state no concept of roaming for voice, sms or data service.
  • Unlimited free access to any jio app (only data would be charged)
  • Isd Rate Cuter benefits for free (Rs.3/min call rate isd calls to many known destinations).
  • 25% extra benefits for students if they present their valid student id opting the connection.


Now for review lets compare it with others:
Though many people were predicting as high as 20GB data for Rs.500 and 10Gb for Rs.300 as initial launch tariff made lots of people to build false hope.
Still let’s not forget it is easily the cheapest 4G data recharge or tariff plans in comparison any other operator.
With free calling and sms as additional benefits.

1.) Calling is still a must for people in towns and rural who still don’t have access to fixed broadband without any FUP. To all those who boast about using whatsapp free calls remember each MB of data gives a average 3mins of whatsapp calls, this data is consumed whether you receive an incoming or make an outgoing call.
Each GB of data is approx 3000mins of incoming/outgoing calls. So unless you got fixed broadband at your home or office each mb is quite valuable.

2.) Though messaging I can say that whatsapp is far superior than sms for friends n family chat n group chat. Still it is preferred for official n formal messaging purpose.

3.)Double free wifi data access(remember Airtel deducts for its public wifi data usage from same data packs).
In small cities one can visit nearby jio tower to use this wifi access. Also remember Jio provides wifi to many cricket and sports stadium in India so not that waste as people are considering it.

4.) Free apps subscriptions. In those apps Jio Tv alone is worth around Rs.100/month as you can watch 350+ tv channels using any fixed braodband connection. It need not be jio 4G. Also Jio join app is good to send and receive calls where any wifi internet is present. We all how all mobile network behaves in basements.

5.) Full 4G coverage. With Jio one is sure that if he gets network then he gets data also. Not like other operators which are still living on 2G network in rural and sell it for super premium. Which is major advantage in favour of Jio. Remember how these incumbent operators were boasting about wide 3G coverage and use to charge premium for providing wider coverage in comparison to aircel/tata docomo.
In similar fashion Jio is way premium to Airtel/Voda/Idea’s network. People have posted videos online of 2G network(not even 3G) of these operator with Jio 4G present with speed of around 50+mbps.

Need not say more. Though I’ll recommend most serious voice users to wait for mnp until this intial rush dies.

One major drawback of Jio is uncertainty on how it handles the billing coz we all remember the inflated bills many postpaid customers got after inital monsoon hungama of Rcom launch.